DeviceAnywhere Debuts Tablet Package

Mobile application testing specialist DeviceAnywhere has added tablets to its test capabilities, with the launch of its Tablet Package, which is available via remote access in DeviceAnywhere’s Test Center.

The company says the solution has been introduced to address the growing popularity of the tablet platform, enabling developers to optimize their testing efforts, without having to physically acquire new tablet devices.

The package will include the various models of the industry’s trailblazer tablet, Apple’s iPad, and Samsung’s GALAXY Tablet. DeviceAnywhere says it will continue to expand the package to incorporate new models, starting with Dell’s Streak and Huawei’s S7. A flood of new tablet devices are due to be unveiled at the CES event in Las Vegas later today. 

DeviceAnywhere says the availability of remotely-accessible tablet devices is expected to have particular appeal to the enterprise market, which has been quick to roll out large-scale tablet deployments. Through DeviceAnywhere, enterprise IT managers can now test their chosen tablets in a private cloud environment, hosted on or off-site. The private cloud environment also allows enterprise IT managers to leverage test automation for smart devices, allowing them to automate testing of any tablet functionality or application, saving time and eliminating manual testing.

Both the shared access model in Test Center and private cloud deployments incorporate DeviceAnywhere’s patented Direct-to-Device technology, which provides access to real devices in live global networks, from anywhere.

“2010 was the year that the tablet finally found popularity,” says DeviceAnywhere CEO, Faraz Syed. “In 2011, the trend will continue, with a wider choice of devices and greater market penetration. We felt that now was the time to help the market prepare, by giving enterprises and developers the ability to easily access all the major new tablets now and in the future. This will bring better testing options to the growing community of developers building applications for tablets, as well as to the many enterprises embracing the tablet form.”