Devicescape 2.0 Available for Windows 5 & 6

Devicescape Software has announced that the second generation of its award-winning wi-fi software, Devicescape Connect 2.0, is now available on Windows Mobile 5 & 6. Devicescape 2.0 will enable Windows Mobile 5 & 6 devices to instantly access potentially millions of free and open hotspots, enabling users to spedn less time entering user names and passwords.
For consumers, Devicescape 2.0 provides immediate access from any device to millions of hotspot locations. Access to free and open hotspots requires no sign up. The service is also easily extensible to password-protected networks; credentials only need to be entered once on the fly on the device, or in advance via a web site. You can even add your home network and securely share it with friends. Additionally, Devicescape constantly seeks out hotspots, and notifies users when they have a secure and verified wi-fi connection.
The solution may seem unnecessary for laptop access, and not essential, even if useful, for access to a wi-fi network via a device with a keypad and browser, such as a mobile phone. But devicescape was designed initially for wi-fi-enabled devices with no, or limited, data entry capabilities, such as digital cameras and games consoles.
For device manufacturers, Devicescape now provides a comprehensive wi-fi solution that immediately connects any device to millions of hotspots around the world, without the consumer having to do anything. The device registers anonymously with Devicescape, and begins connecting to free and open hotspots immediately. Consumers can upgrade and expand their access when and how they want. Additionally, Devicescape is compatible with all operator networks and can also be customised for operator partners to include network credentials out-of-the-box.  This allows manufacturers to easily work with any provider around the world to distribute bundled solutions on any type of device.