Dialogue Launches Single Click Payments

Mobile solutions company Dialogue Communications has gone live with Payforit Single Click Payments, across all UK operators. Payforit Single Click is a significant step forward for Payforit, providing consumers with a more rapid payment method for making multiple purchases from the same merchants mobile shop.
All the customer needs to do is opt-in for the Single Click service. This can be done either by using the My account screen to change their Payforit Single Click status, or by making a purchase from the site and following the standard payments process; the buyer will then be presented with the option to opt-in. Once the consumer has done this, all purchases from that merchants shop will only require the true single click to complete a purchase. Single click is also the only operator-approved payment mechanism for pay-per-view or pay-per-page content purchases.
Payforit Single Click offers significant benefits for making purchases on the mobile Internet, says Dialogue. Consumers receive a simple and swift single click payment method with the added security and trust of the recognised Payforit gateway, therefore improving the consumer buying experience and allowing more impulse purchases, that should lead to more encouraged repeat purchasing and loyalty.
Dialogue notes that it was the first company to propose the concept of Single Click to the operators in March 2008 and is the first accredited payment intermediary to go live with the service.
Single click purchases are widely available on the web, on sites such as Amazon and iTunes, so it is natural that mobile Internet services should develop in line with this. The single click option will not only improve the users experience of Payforit, but due to the reduced number of clicks required to make a purchase, higher conversion rates should be achieved, creating increased revenues, something which all content providers would welcome in the current market. Pricing clarity is also enforced, increasing consumer confidence and encouraging repeat purchases