Diamonds Are For Mobiles

UK based jewellery retailer Fameo has announced the launch of the first British mobile jewellery catalogue, a new mobile service thats designed to allow anyone with a GPRS or 3G phone to browse Fameo jewellery offers, monitor their order status, research information and get customer service on the go. The mobile site includes a search function, with access to Fameo jewellery products and SMS alerts for the latest jewellery arrivals, price changes, order status and special promotions.
Fameo has always focused on its customers needs and made them a priority, says Fameo Managing Director, Louise Davies. Most mobile phones currently used in the UK are capable of accessing the Internet to some degree, and with mobile access, we are continuing the tradition of our innovative approach to putting jewellery shoppers first and keeping them connected.
Fameo notes that while the mobile Internet is still a niche market, the number of people accessing the Internet in the UK using a mobile device is already one quarter the size of those using PCs to go online, and thats its predicted by analysts to be 4 times bigger than the current PC web. Fameo adds that it is crucial to be at the forefront at a time when competition between online jewellery e-tailers for customers is at an all-time high. According to Fameo, most companies that have created mobile websites have put out cut-down versions of their PC sites instead of starting out with a mobile-centric approach. Fameo hopes its mobile-first approach will set the company apart.
Fameos long-term strategy involves building a WAP-based jewellery shopping portal featuring enhanced functionality for customers who want to buy jewellery using the browser on their mobile phone, as well as price comparison for loose diamonds and colour gemstones via SMS text messages, and the launch of push-based mobile marketing campaigns under the banner: Jewellery that fits your phone screen.
You can access the Femo mobile site at: or click here for a WAP-push link to your phone.