DigiMo Launches Mobile Payment Solution

DigiMo has unveiled a mobile payment system that enables users to make payments regardless of the handset theyre using. The company says the service requires no hardware or software modification, and is ready for deployment. 

The service requires users to register for the service online. Once they have supplied their billing method and phone number to the service, they will receive a PIN, which is used to pay at the point of sale.

“Over the past decade, numerous attempts have been made to launch a wide-scale mobile payments service,” says Yossi Yarkoni, DigiMos CEO. “Up to now, no agreement existed regarding the technological standards and business model, due to heavy investments associated with the implementation. Weve avoided this by developing an independent system that works at virtually any point-of-sale, replacing cash and credit cards with mobile handsets.”

According to the company, the service is designed for credit card companies and mobile operators who want to launch mobile payment options without updating point-of-sale technology. 

Theres more information on the DigiMo website.