Digital ads: Zappi launches new tool to help marketers before campaign begins

  • Thursday, April 4th, 2019
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Automated market research and customer insights firm Zappi, has launched its Zappi Creative Advertising tool which allows clients to assess their market spending on digital advertising before starting a live campaign.

Users will be able to place ads across platforms such as Facebook or YouTube so they can understand scenario-based performance.

The Zappi Creative Digital tool will join Zappi’s creative suite across video, audio, static and digital ads including its AdPulse platform. Its creative suite is used by large companies such as PepsiCo, IBM, Verizon and Unilever.

The tool provides the following measures:

Emotional reactions to creatives

– Open-ended feedback on what consumers liked or disliked about the ad and tracks viewers responses to video ads

– Checks messaging cut-through

– Dynamic benchmarking, which allows clients to compare ads against predefined countries or industry-specific norms

The importance of context in advertising

“There are plenty of tools to track digital results after they’re published, but our customers have been asking for a way to understand which ads to invest in before allocating their budgets in a deeper, more analytical way,” said Steve Phillips, CEO of Zappi. This will significantly reduce overall digital spend while simultaneously increase brand lift and ROI.”

“As a marketer, the aspiration has always been to find an insights platform that can cohesively test creative from concept to how the finished ads will perform across a number of different platforms from real consumers instantaneously,” said Ken Yanhs, EVP of Global Marketing of Zappi.”