Digital Asset Management for Dummies

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Digital Asset Management for Dummies is a new special edition by DAM experts Bynder that walks you through what you need to know about the basics of this increasingly important topic, including what a DAM consists of, and how your organisation can benefit by implementing it.

This handy guide explains everything in plain English, including how you can develop an effective DAM structure to manage your digital assets, how you can establish permissions about who can use the system while maintaining its security, and how you can promote your system to achieve high user adoption.

Download your free copy today to find out:

  • How to assess your present needs
  • Best practices for taxonomy and applying metadata
  • Tips for setting up permissions in your DAM
  • How to launch your DAM project
  • Guidance on integrting people, processes and data

The effects of DAM are simple and powerful: time savings, content ROI, and better branding. But sometimes the terminology and methods used to get there can feel complex and intimidating. This free eBook from Bynder solves all those problems, and will help you transform your business for the better. Download Digital Asset Management for Dummies for free today.