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  • Tuesday, September 1st, 2015
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Digital Gurus Loves Mobile

Digital Gurus is an award winning Digital recruitment company – we were voted Agency of the Year 2013 – Our Mobile division has a team of specialist consultants that make it their mission to understand the mobile sector better than any other recruitment business. Mobile is a special industry, full of unique skills, talent and opportunities. By immersing ourselves in the industry at every opportunity; we are meeting with and connecting with the best talent in the industry and are ensuring we are up to date with the latest innovations and trends.

The Digital Gurus Mobile division offers a specialist recruitment service, tailor-made to understand mobile skills, appreciate mobile talent, and present fantastic mobile opportunities to our candidates and exceptional mobile talent to our clients.

Our foundations as a business are built on long standing relationships and delivering results, through our various sponsorship of industry events, Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, Mobile Marketing Live, Mobile Retail Summit, Digital Shoreditch, BIMA Awards, Glug, Digital Week and many more, we’re always keen to give back to an industry that has given us so much.

Our clients range from global retail brands to cool mobile first start-ups, we work with all the media and creative agencies involved in mobile, we work across the mobile advertising eco-system and ad technology space, we love music and games and cool tech and we seek out the best companies involved in these areas because we want to work with them! We have strong relationships across the industry because we know our market. We understand the challenges and the opportunities that mobile businesses face when they want to grow, we know our native apps Vs responsive HTML5, we know our SSP from our DSP from our RTB, we know our UX from our IA and our IOS from our Android. We know where to find the best mobile and digital talent; give us a try!