Digital shopper marketing tactics to win over modern customers

The Kalyera team offers advice on how to maximise sales using digital shopper marketing tactics including frictionless commerce, shoppable videos, and providing a great post-checkout experience.

What is shopper marketing? 
Shopper marketing is the process of enhancing the shopping experience of customers by engaging them throughout the path to purchase. It involves strategies and tactics to drive sales through customer interactions during all phases of the buying journey, namely, awareness, consideration, and conversion. 

Traditional shopper marketing typically focused on selling, and the promotions were usually price-centric. However, shopper marketing is now all about mining insights. It’s about gaining a thorough understanding of the motivations behind purchase decisions and purchase patterns.

Since purchase decisions happen everywhere these days, shopper marketing involves digital elements and in-store strategies such as aisle promotion or temporary price reductions. From planning a purchase to applying coupons or rewards points and getting eReceipts, shopper marketing has evolved into an omnichannel approach that engages customers in-store and online.

Why use digital shopper marketing?
Physical and digital retail environments are intertwined and can no longer be considered separate entities. The shopping experiences of modern customers span these two environments, and so should customer engagement strategies. Shoppers are also increasingly turning to digital channels to compare costs and research products before purchasing.

Digital Shopper Marketing Tactics You Should Know

Frictionless commerce
Frictionless commerce refers to simplifying purchase opportunities that allow for an easy and quick purchase. It ensures that customers can buy a product or service whenever and wherever they want, with minimal clicks and steps.

A complicated route to checkout can result in shoppers abandoning carts. For example, consider sending a promotional SMS with a link that takes customers directly to the page where they can easily access the discounts. This increases the chances of the customer making a purchase because they do not have to go through a series of steps to find the products on sale. Similarly, mobile payments and coupons can go a long way in making the in-store experience hassle-free. This increases the chances of the customer making a purchase because they do not have to go through a series of steps to find the products on sale.

Post-checkout experience
Post-purchase experiences are vital for customer retention, and can significantly impact repeat purchases. Customers who have positive brand experiences can go on to become brand advocates who recommend your products to others. Furthermore, continuing to engage customers after the purchase increases the chances of getting user reviews and honest feedback. The post-purchase experience can thus play a crucial role in influencing brand perception.

When a customer makes an online purchase, theres an experience gap before they receive the product. Sending a Thank You message after the purchase, offering timely order updates, tracking information, and ensuring ease of returns and exchanges are some ways to ensure happy customers and repeat purchases.

Engaging customers post-purchase through WhatsApp and SMS notifications can convert habitual or one-time shoppers into lifelong customers. In addition, providing personalised offers and members-only perks can help ensure customer loyalty.

Social commerce and shoppable videos
Social commerce refers to buying and selling products or services on a social media platform. As more than 50 per cent of customers learn about new brands on social media, focusing on streamlining the mobile checkout process is critical. Moreover, social media platforms have grown from being a place for discovery to hosting the entire customer journey. While posts can attract new prospects, with social commerce, you can nudge your visitors towards a purchase and eliminate the drop-off points resulting in abandoned transactions.

Since online shoppers cannot test or try a product or service, social proof can significantly influence purchase decisions. Social media platforms are excellent places to build your reputation by showcasing reviews, testimonials, awards, and recognition. Offering a centralised location to complete the purchase and post reviews can result in a positive feedback loop, improving your bottom line.

Delighting Customers with Tech-Driven Experiences
Business communication is pivotal to delivering a positive customer experience, affecting purchase behaviour and improving retailers sales. Leveraging digital shopper marketing tactics enables organisations to gain valuable customer insights for maximum engagement and increased revenue.

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