Digital talent agency Gleam launches brand consultancy

Gleam Futures
Gleam Futures talent

Gleam Futures – an online talent agency behind influencers like Zoe Sugg (Zoella), Grace Beverley (Grace Fit UK), and Marcus Butler – has launched a brand consultancy aimed at providing a ‘single route’ to creating and delivering influencer campaigns.

The consultancy, called ‘Gleam Solutions’, promises a ‘360-degree offering’ that can help brands on strategy, creative, talent selection and vetting, campaign delivery, distribution, and reporting.

Founded in 2010, Gleam believes its experience can be harnessed to “deliver effective, creative and innovative brand campaigns through a talent-first lens,” according to Dominic Smales, CEO and founder of Gleam Futures.

“Through Gleam Solutions, an all-new approach to evaluation and measurement will show the industry that no two creators are the same – and that their value should not be measured by the number of followers they have, or the number of likes they accrue from post to post,” said Smales.

“With the launch of Gleam Solutions we’re also setting out to challenge perceptions of digital-first talent and expand people’s view of what is possible, paving the way for the next phase of marketing.”

The launch of the consultancy comes at a time when brands are choosing to commit more-and-more to influencer campaigns. However, research has suggested that influencer marketing may not be as effective as the industry thinks – with just one in 10 UK consumers purchasing a product based on a recommendation by an influencer.

Another piece of recent research found that only four per cent of people around the world believe what influencers say, ranking influencers as the least trustworthy sources on the internet.