Dija launches 10-minute grocery deliveries in London

Tyrone Stewart

A delivery service has launched in London offering grocery deliveries within just 10 minutes. And, for the first month of its operation, customers will gain three free months of delivery through the service, if it doesn’t meet its 10-minute delivery target.

Dija, founded by former Deliveroo executives Alberto Menolascina and Yusuf Saban, operates from hubs within the local communities it serves. The service is currently available in South Kensington, Fulham, and Hackney, with a further 20 hubs opening in areas including Clapham, Wandsworth, Acton, Islington, Mayfair, Stockwell, and Clerkenwell by the summer.

“Gone are the days of fighting for online slots, damaged goods and disappointing substitutions,” said Menolascina, Co-founder and CEO of Dija. “Dija is here to change every hassle we experience with the weekly shop. We are making this time-consuming and unsatisfactory experience simple, speedy and reliable. Dija combines brilliant execution with bespoke technology to create an exceptional experience for customers across the UK, freeing up their time and energy by delivering what consumers want, when they want it.”

Each Dija hub carries more than 2,000 products sold at recommended retail prices, including branded food, non-perishable items, and fresh produce.

The app can be downloaded via Apple’s App Store and will arrive on Android ‘shortly’.

At the end of December, the startup raised $20m from Blossom Capital, Creandum, and Index Ventures. Dija will be using this investment to build its team and the operational and technological infrastructure underpinning its offering. The business will also be investing in its own fleet of e-bikes in a bid to improve the sustainability of the service.

“Dija will deliver all the goods you require on a weekly basis in under 10 minutes,” said Saban, Co-founder and COO of Dija. “Grocery stores aren’t designed to facilitate the fast fulfilment of orders, rather they are designed for browsing. We have put a 10-minute delivery speed and consummate reliability at the front and centre. Our hubs are designed so that pick and pack and fulfillment is the fastest possible.”