Dior partners with Snapchat on B27 sneaker try-on lens

Luxury brand Dior is promoting the launch of its B27 sneaker with an augmented reality (AR) experience powered by Snapchat.

Snapchatters are able to ‘try-on’ six pairs of sneakers from the collection in AR and see how Dior’s latest footwear will look on their feet. If the user is happy with the look, and willing to be the premium price, they can do so via the Dior brand profile and on Dior.com.

“Dior is an incredibly innovative partner. They are one of the very first Maisons to have embraced the utility of augmented reality while entertaining their customers,” said Geoffrey Perez, Head of Luxury at Snapchat. “The acceleration of the digitalisation has changed the way people consume and interact with products and Dior has fully and rapidly adapted to the new normal. Augmented reality and try-on are shaping the user experience and the future of social commerce.”

The B27 campaign is the latest in Snapchat’s partnership with Dior. It follows last year’s partnership around Dior’s collaboration with Rimowa.