Discovered: The Most Treasures Mobile Marketing Trends for 2017

Ahoy! Buried treasure is always hard to find, but the more hidden it is, the more precious and priceless the riches. That’s what it’s like to find the perfect mobile marketing strategy — you have to search high and low, take risks, map out your course, and eventually your plan will succeed.

With 2017 approaching, it’s not too early to start mapping out your mobile marketing strategy for the new year.

In this white paper youll find:

  • The truth to common misconceptions, like that the app economy is dying or American adults download zero apps per month.
  • Tactics to maximize the value of the app users you work hard to get.
  • The other side of the mobile marketing industry, such as what ad networks do and their relationship to publishers and affiliates.
  • How to navigate the acronyms and jargon in the industry.

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