Discovery Bay Games Launches iPad Gaming Device

Discovery Bay Games has launched the Duo, a gaming device designed to work with the iPad, as well as the first game title for Duo, Yoomi, which is available now on the App Store. Yoomi is a family game that is played on iPad using Duo. The Yoomi for Duo game is available at Toys “R” Us in the US, in time for the holiday season.

The goal of Yoomi is to find out who knows the “Chooser” best. Players compete to predict which of two answers or “favourites” that the Chooser has selected best represents him or her. Each player makes his or her prediction by placing a coloured token into the corresponding slot on the top of the Duo device. After all plays are made, the Chooser taps “Reveal” on the iPads screen, revealing his or her answer. The top of the Duo spins and the players who have picked the correct answer get their tokens magically “banked” into the token holder inside Duo.

“We saw a real opportunity to combine the popularity of playing games on iPad with our mission of bringing families together,” says Discovery Bay Games CEO, Craig Olson. “With Yoomi for Duo, families can play a fun game together around a table in a new and innovative way.”

Yoomi for Duo is available exclusively at Toys “R” Us for a retail price of $39.99.