Discovery Engine Stumbles into the UK

StumbleUpon has launched its content discovery engine in the UK market as an iPhone and Android app. Once users have set up an account and selected their interests, the app learns what they like and suggests relevant web pages based on that knowledge. 

As part of the launch, StumbleUpon has partnered with companies including Hearst UK, Spotify, and IPC Media.

“We think the premise of StumbleUpon has universal appeal, and we are therefore excited to officially bring our brand of serendipitous discovery to the UK market” says Marc Leibowitz, StumbleUpons VP, worldwide business development. “In order to ensure that material found on our engine is relevant to the UK customer we have partnered with UK centric businesses to bring the most recent information to our customers and we look forward to expanding this portfolio in the near future.”

For advertisers, StumbleUpon offers a Paid Discovery ad platform, which enables them to target customers using sponsored mobile pages.