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Disney, Hyundai and Buffalo Wild Wings make interactive mobile video ads with AdColony

Tyrone Stewart

AdColony Pirates of the CaribbeanMobile advertising platform AdColony, formerly Opera Mediaworks, has launched a suite of interactive mobile video products that aim to change how consumers engage with video content.  Early partners include Disney, Buffalo Wild Wings and Hyundai’s Genesis Motors.

Aurora HD Video leverages content, haptic effects and other native mobile capabilities to enable advertisers to immerse consumers into video content. It also uses WebGL to provide graphic capabilities usually only seen in CGI and gaming design.

“Some people may tell you that there has been interactivity in mobile video for years, but they are selling the industry short when they talk like this. Interactive video should not just be placing an overlay or some buttons on top of a video,” said Will Kassoy, CEO of AdColony. “Advertisers want consumers to go deep with their brand, and from feeling the rumble of a car as it races down the road, to looking around an environment using an accelerometer and 360 degree video, it’s all about immersion and interactive storytelling. This is what we’re offering with Aurora.”

The first campaign launched using Aurora was for the recent release of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. During a custom trailer, consumers were asked to take part in an on-screen ‘treasure hunt’. For everything found on the screen, the consumer was rewarded with exclusive video content from the film.

Buffalo Wild Wings will use its ‘Foodoo’ doll in its campaign. The doll will come in and out of the screen over the video, and consumers will be asked to use their fingers to ‘catch’ the doll. Wing sauce fingerprints are displayed over the video where the viewer touched the screen.

Genesis Motors’ campaign will announce their new line of vehicles with an ad that showcases the vehicles in motion, while giving viewers the opportunity to directly engage with what they are seeing.