Disney Launches Story Photo Sharing App

Disney Interactive has launched Story, a social photo and video sharing app for iOS.

As the name suggests, the app is focus on enabling users create stories out of the media on their phone. These virtual collages, based on the time and location of each photo or video clip, can be customised with captions, themes, and layouts chosen by the user, then shared with their contacts.

“When we become moms, our iPhone instantly becomes the go-to device to capture the spontaneous moments of family life. Before we know it, we have thousands of photos and videos on it,” said Brooke Chaffin, Disney Interactive Family SVP. “With Story, weve created a easy-to-use app that takes this content and creates meaningful narratives and stories that can be shared with friends and family with just a few taps.”

Story is currently only available in the US, and theres no word from Disney on whether it intends to roll the app out to other countries.