DIY Mobile Apps from Golden Gekko

David Murphy

Mobile applications developer Golden Gekko has upgraded its Mobile Media Engine to the growing appetite for useful and entertaining mobile applications. Golden Gecko says these iPhone-like apps, which can run on any kind of phone, are ideal for extending the reach of businesses of all sizes. The Mobile Media Engine enables the rapid, easy and cost efficient implementation of mobile applications across more than 1,000 different mobile devices, the company says. 
As a result of the technology upgrade, Golden Gekko is now able to offer its clients a Mobile Applications Wizard, giving them the opportunity to create their own mobile applications, at minimal cost. The Wizard is used primarily to create impactful mobile brochures, which are similar in functionality to a PDF optimised for the mobile phone.  Golden Gecko believes the service will be of particular interest to the SME market, owing to the relatively low costs involved. It says the service is easy to use and enables companies of all sizes to benefit from mobile marketing.
We know that mobile brochures are a superior way of engaging with consumers, bringing brands to life and providing value-added services to customers that will meet their needs whilst providing entertainment, says CEO Magnus Jern. For time-pressured SMEs the ability to provide their customers with mobile content is a powerful differentiator in a crowded and competitive market.