DIY WAP from Wapple

David Murphy

Wapple, which specialises in mobile Internet site development, has released Wapple Canvas, a new generation of web-based site builder tools, which it says makes it easy for anyone to create and publish professional mobile Internet sites.
Using simple point-and-click, drag-and-drop design for page layout and content, Wapple Canvas makes it possible to publish a mobile website that can be accessed from virtually any device on any network and from any country, in a matter of hours. Wapple also makes it easy to add extended e-commerce functions, mobile advertising, interactive elements such as polls and user feedback, and rich media content, including games, videos and music.
The Wapple Delivery Engine automatically customises and renders mobile Internet pages to individual browser-based mobile devices, including close to 5,000 different handsets, as well as PDAs and some hand-held games consoles, such as the Sony PSP. It delivers rich WML, HTML, XHTML and CHTML content to 3G, iMode, GPRS and GSM networks, as well as Wireless LAN.
Wapple Canvas is a toolkit that is accessible via a PC web-browser. New features include accelerated workflow and improved content and page management, extended content format support, along with more ways to lay out a mobile page and build in search facilities. New e-commerce functions such as discounting and gifting have been added, as well as improved live stats for tracing user activity and trends to provide personalised content and loyalty schemes.
Wapple Canvas can be integrated with any number of mobile billing solutions, including PayForIt, MyGamma and the Bango platform that allows users in 130 countries on over 250 different networks to pay for mobile content.
The mobile Internet provides a unique opportunity to connect with millions of customers on a personal level, says Wapple CTO and Co-founder Rich Holdsworth. With a mobile strategy fast becoming an essential requirement for any business, the new generation of Wapple web-based tools means that even without technical knowledge, anyone can create and publish a powerful and dynamic mobile Internet site that is automatically optimised for any mobile device with internet capability.
Wapple Chairman John Leftwich, formerly Corporate Vice President of Microsoft, believes that the mobile Internet is on the verge of becoming the next technology revolution. He says:
It is likely that more people will access the Internet through their mobile phones than their PCs in 2007. Tools like Wapple Canvas will help to accelerate this shift by making it easier to create a mobile presence and promise to do for the mobile Internet what products such as Dreamweaver and Frontpage did for the Web.
Wapple Canvas  Packages range in price from 500 per annum to 300 per month.

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