DK Rolls Out iPad Paris Travel App

Reference book publisher Dorling Kindersley (DK) has launched its first travel app, an interactive guide to Paris, for the iPad, writes Martin Conway. Dubbed Eyewitness Paris, the app builds on the original hard copy guide by including features such as 3D cross-sections of famous Parisian sights and landmarks – complete with zoom functionality – as well as GPS-enabled mapping, enabling tourists to pinpoint the nearest attractions, hotels, restaurants and shops, and to gather their bearings free of roaming charges. Users can also access a photo gallery containing more than 400 images.

Peter Buckley, DK digital publisher, comments: “iPad is the ideal showcase for a DK Eyewitness Travel Guide. With the app, we’ve taken everything people love about DK guide books and added an extra layer of depth and interactivity that take full advantage of iPad’s high resolution display and innovative Multi-Touch interface.”

The Eyewitness Paris app is currently available from the App Store on iPad and Apple iTunes store for $16.99 (£9.99).