DMWF X Mobile Marketing Magazine: What to expect?

The 2024 Digital Marketing World Forum (DMWF) and Mobile Marketing Magazine have teamed up to deliver insights into mobile marketing and advertising.

The partnership, will explore new trends, innovative strategies, and the latest tools that are shaping the mobile marketing industry at this week’s event, which takes place in London.

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As a result, attendees can expect deep dives into moment-based marketing, app growth models, the intersection of SEO and mobile, and the role of AI in enhancing advertising transparency and consumer trust.

Expert speakers, including Vodafone Global Creative Director, Sabrina Goddenwill also share their knowledge, offering valuable insights for marketers.

This track, which Mobile Marketing Magazine is the Official Editorial Partner of, promises to deliver valuable insights and practical strategies to help marketers navigate the rapidly evolving mobile marketing landscape.

Topics being covered

Moment-based marketing: Learn how to use first-party data and geofencing for contextual consumer engagement.

Sustainable app growth: Explore marketing technologh stacks and strategies for scalable app growth.

SEO in mobile: Understand the rising importance of SEO across traditional and non-traditional platforms.

AI in advertising: Discover how AI can build transparency and trust in advertising practices.

Customer behaviour trends: Gain insights into personalisation and omnichannel strategies in mobile marketing.