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Dogology promotes digital dog training with AR out-of-home campaign

Tim Maytom

Online dog training startup Dogology has launched a campaign promoting its mobile app that uses augmented reality to bring out-of-home advertising to life, and give consumers a glimpse of its user experience.

Working with mobile and out-of-home specialists Outfront Media, the company deployed out-of-home displays in New York and Atlanta, promoting its mobile app. Once downloaded, users could interact with nearby sidewalk art, billboards or subway creative to generate in-app AR dogs which could then be interacted with.

The augmented reality dogs enable users to get a taste of Dogology's training programs, and lead interested users to the company's website, where they can learn more about its science-based dog and puppy training, and book virtual training appointments with the service.

"Our dogs are our best firends, providing us with unconditional love through good days and bad," said Sarah Morse, CEO of Dogology. "At Dogology, we want to help as many owners as possible strengthen that love by giving them the tools they need to understand and communicate more effecitvely with their dogs. The out-of-home cmapaign was key to making this mission a reality. We were able to drive a lot of new users to our website and reach many dog owners that may not have learned about how our company could help them otherwise."

The AR elements of the campaign were supported with a more traditional mobile and out-of-home campaign which ran in New York City and Atlanta. According to internal analytics provided by Dogology, the hybrid campaign drove an increase in direct website visits and sessions per user, mobile app downloads and AR engagements, live chat sessions on the website and in the mobile app, and an increease in users who purchased virtual dog training from the company.

"Outfront's audience and location analytics enabled us to architect a hybrid campaign combining out-of-home and mobile that targeted specific audiences in New York and Atlanta for an innovative startup to directly impact the growth of the company," said Jodi Senese, chief marketing officer at Outfront.

"The augmented reality experience offered by Dogology enabled users to interact directly with the out-of-home ads and proved users will not only interact with out-of-home in unexpected ways, but also act on the experience when it's well designed and interactive."