Dominos Australia Creates 100,000 Pizzas with Crowdsource App

  • Wednesday, November 5th, 2014
  • Author: Tim Maytom
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The Mega Meat Lovers, the current top-earning pizza made using the app
The Mega Meat Lovers, the current top-earning pizza made using the app

Dominos Australia has had thousands of customers sign up for its Pizza Mogul app that enables users to design a pizza, advertise it on social media and receive a part of the sales whenever it is sold.

The campaign enables those who sign up to earn between AU$0.25 and AU$3.25 (£0.14 – £1.77) per pizza, with more paid for pizzas with a larger number of toppings (which tend to have higher profit margins).

In return for sharing its profits, the company has received a wealth of promotion on social media from consumers eager to earn from their pizza concoctions. The top-earning participant, who calls himself Pizza Master on the website, has reportedly earned more than AU$22,000 for selling over 12,000 pizzas of his own design.

“Mogul provides the vehicle for Dominos to utilise social selling as a powerful revenue and viral advertising stream,” said Don Meij, CEO of Dominos Pizza Enterprises. “We are looking for our passionate customers, fans and followers to share their creativity with their social networks.

“Its not physically possible to introduce all of these great ideas [we receive in the post] to our menu. Through Pizza Mogul we can now introduce them all…in fact our customers can create them and share with their own friends.”