Dominos launches rewards points mobile game for loyal customers

Dominos Piece of the Pie PursuitDomino’s has released a mobile a game for its loyal pizza-loving customers in the US, giving them the chance to earn points toward free pizza.

The Piece of the Pie Pursuit game puts players inside the latest Domino’s TV ad about Piece of the Pie Rewards. It takes them on a journey through six pizza-themed levels, which include racing a pizza cutter car against the clock and using a pizza sauce ‘spoodle’ as a catapult. Players that complete all six levels earn themselves 10 rewards points toward a free pizza.

“This is the ultimate game for pizza fanatics,” said Steve Kennedy, director of loyalty at Domino’s. “Not only does it have six types of unique gameplay to keep you coming back for more, but it also gives Piece of the Pie Rewards members a chance to earn real-world bonus points toward free pizza.”

The Domino’s Piece of the Pie Pursuit game is available to customers for free via iTunes or Google Play. Outside of the game, customers can earn 10 points each day that they spend $10 or more on a Domino’s order via phone, in-store, or online. Once they reach 60 points, these can be redeemed online for a free medium two-topping pizza.