Domino's Dashes to Easy Order with Connected Button Launch

Alex Spencer

Domino's Pizza Order ButtonDomino's Pizza has launched its Easy Order service in the UK, enabling app users to set a favourite pizza that can be re-ordered with the press of a single button in the Domino's app.

To promote the launch, the brand has also created a small batch of physical Easy Order buttons, similar to Amazon's Dash products. Based on technology from Flic, the buttons pair with the mobile app and can be pushed in order to make the pre-selected 'Easy Order'.

According to Domino's release, the buttons are intended to "appeal to customers looking for ‘easiest ever order options’ in their busy lives and aligns to the growing consumer trend for efficient, friction free ordering and customers asking to offload the transaction process wherever they can".

Unlike the Dash, however, the buttons aren't intended to become a commonplace product. They're part of a social campaign by Domino's, which will run competitions on its social media presence to give away the 'limited edition' buttons to a select few followers – and anecdotally, it seems to be working, with organic mentions of the launch popping on across Facebook and Twitter.

The UK launch follows in the footsteps of the brand's Easy Order service in the US, which back in May added the option to place an order via Twitter, using a hashtag or even just a pizza emoji.