Domino’s Pizza Launches Apple Watch Ordering App

Dominos appDomino’s has extended its Easy Order one-touch pizza ordering service, with the launch of an Apple Watch app in the UK.

Developed by Future Platforms, as part of the companies long-term partnership, the app works similarly to any of Domino’s other Easy Order offerings, enabling users to set up a favourite order and delivery address which can be recalled at any time by pressing a single button. The Watch screen also displays the price of the order, and tracks its progress with a countdown timer.

As well as Domino’s formidable range of apps – which stretches from a full complement of mobile devices all the way to Microsofts Xbox One console – Easy Order last year became available via a connected button and even a Twitter hashtag. Its not hard to see why the company focuses so intently on this area – digital currently accounts for 77 per cent of its orders, half of which come from mobile.

“Pairing the new Easy Order with the Apple Watch – the ultimate convenience gadget – is a match made in heaven,” said Simon Wallis, sales & marketing director at Domino’s. “The possibilities of smart watch ordering mean our pizza fans will never be further than a wrist tap away from their emergency Pepperoni Passion or Texas BBQ.”

Easy Order requires an Apple Watch running WatchOS 2, and an iPhone running iOS 9 or above.