Dominos yodelling campaign returns, promoting half-price pizzas

Pizza delivery chain Domino’s has launched the latest iteration of its sonic ‘DOMIN-OH-HOO-HOO’ campaign series, offering Irresistible pizza at an irresistible 50% off.’

Created by VCCP London, alongside its production arm, Girl&Bear, and Havas Media Group UK, the new campaign launches during tonight’s episode of Great British Bake Off, and will run until 13 December in the UK, on TV, OOH, social, digital and radio.

The new 30” hero film opens on a tropical desert island where three castaways are helplessly stranded, as they gaze off into the distance, dreaming of food they’d give anything to eat. The first’s mouth waters over Domino’s Pepperoni Passion pizza, as the second fantasises about delicious melted mozzarella. The third castaway, who appeared in previous campaigns, yodels ‘DOMIN-OH-HOO-HOO’, which summons a Domino’s jet ski delivery driver who comes to the rescue. Relieved and in awe, the castaways lift the lid of the box to reveal sizzling, mouth-watering pizzas as one of them grabs a slice. As the delivery driver makes his way back to his jet ski the castaways are so enamoured by their delicious Domino’s pizza that they are going to miss their potential escape route off the desert island. Until one shouts shouts ‘Wait… need a push?’ The creative draws to a close with the Domino’s campaign strapline: “Irresistible pizza at an irresistible 50% off.” 

The campaign media strategy sees Domino’s return to the cinema for the first time since 2019 on 21 October with the launch of Dwayne Johnson’s new DC Comics film, Black Adam. On TikTok, viewers will be treated to additional ‘Castaways’ content as the three ad characters pass time on the island longing for pizza. Domino’s is also working with influencers Bella Hill, James Foreman, Jack Skipper, Ellie Bindman and Cole. All digital media will be supported by tech developed by GumGum and Playground xyz that delivers highly contextualised, attention-optimised targeting.

Domino’s original yodel campaign struck a chord with the pizza-eating public,” said Domino’s Marketing Director, Harry Dromey. “We are evolving the campaign to respond to consumer confidence being on the floor. Getting cash-strapped consumers to part with their money is increasingly difficult, so we need to demonstrate the value we offer through having great service, irresistible pizza, at a compelling 50 per cent off. We hope that message lands in a way that will bring a smile to people’s faces.”