Doodle Launches App for Click and Collect Parcel Service

Doddle comboUK click and collect parcel service Doddle has unveiled an iOS mobile app that it hopes will make it even easier for customers to collect, send and return parcels during the busy festive period.

The app launch coincides with Doddles consumer launch and publicity program ahead of Black Friday and the beginning of the Christmas rush, with registration to the services website already experiencing double digit weekly growth, and sign-ups expected to hit six figures within three months.

The app, designed and developed by Monitise Create, enables customers to sign up and create Doddle accounts quickly and easily. Once signed up, customers collecting parcels are sent notifications including collection codes and barcodes to speed pick-up, while those sending or returning parcels can track the whereabouts of their delivery.

Doddles 20 physical branches are located in and around train stations, with the aim of enabling commuters to pick up and drop off parcels as part of their daily journeys. Doddle has also partnered with a number of retailers to offer customers free returns for goods purchased online.

“Buying things online has never been easier, but the hassle of having to wait around to pick up missed deliveries and queue again for returns is time-consuming and inconvenient,” said Paddy Earnshaw, chief customer officer at Doddle. “What Doddle does is to remove the only awkward part of online shopping; our app is another way to help fit into consumers lives and make their lives easier.”

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