DoorDash launches corporate food delivery program

Tyrone Stewart

Food delivery service DoorDash has debuted a workforce-focused product suite aimed at limiting the damage to the hospitality sector caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. DoorDash for Work is a corporate solution which enables businesses to offer their workforce meal benefits and food perks through the platform.

The product suite features four work meal benefits and perks. The first is ‘DashPass for Work’, an extension of the app’s subscription service, providing employees with unlimited free delivery fees and reduced service fees from restaurants across DoorDash and Caviar.

The second is ‘Expensed Meals’, meaning businesses can offer meal credits to their employees to expense their food orders on DoorDash or Caviar within the company’s specific set of rules. Within this, a company can set controls over how employees are able to spend, including day and time restrictions.

Then there is ‘Group Orders’. This feature enables employees working together in offices to group orders from preselected restaurants into one shopping cart and have these orders individually wrapped and labelled with the employees’ name.

Finally, DoorDash for Work enables employers to provide their staff with ‘Employee Gift Cards’ to give them a treat.

“DoorDash for Work serves all work meal occasions for remote employees and employees who have transitioned back into the office. Our meal options extend across our entire leading restaurant selection on DoorDash and Caviar in the US and Canada, with vast geographic coverage, and a differentiated product mix,” said Broderick McClinton, Head of DoorDash for Work, in a blog post. “To date, we’ve worked with a range of clients from Fortune 100 companies to SMBs including essential businesses like hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and schools, as well as professional service firms, technology companies and banks.”