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DoorDash introduces gifting feature ahead of the holidays

Tyrone Stewart

Ahead of the holiday season, on-demand food delivery platform DoorDash has launched a gifting feature to help people stay connected across the US.

Of course, it was already technically possible to provide ‘gifts to friends and family by just changing the delivery address, but the new feature means there is a more personalised approach to that experience.

Through the feature, available on both DoorDash and Caviar, users can send goods including sweet treats, savoury meals, champagne, cough drops, and bath bombs. They can do this by changing the address and then clicking ‘send as gift’ on the checkout page. Selecting the option opens up options for digitally-animated cards for various occasions and the ability to craft a personalised message. Once completed, the gift-giver has to share a link with the gift-receiver, so that they can track the delivery and open the virtual message.

To celebrate the launch of the gifting feature, DoorDash is giving every customer who gives a gift of $20 or more on DoorDash or Caviar a gift of $10 off their next order until Black Friday. From 24 November until 1 December, DoorDash will also donate a meal to someone in need through Feeding America for every gift given on DoorDash or Caviar.