Doro Launches Smartphone Strategy

Andy Penfold

Doro, which specialises in easy-to-use mobile phones aimed at older people, has launched its 'smart strategy' at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 

The strategy includes both a 3G smartphone device and 'The Doro Experience' - a software add-on for Android devices that makes the device easier to use for older people. 

The Doro Experience can be installed on Android and Window PC devices, and provides services and applications that make the device easier to use and more relevant for older people. The Doro Experience combines a simpler user interface, a web-based management portal, and a selection applications. 

The user interface provides larger, clearer app icons, while the Doro Experience Manager is a web-based management portal that allows the user or their family or friends to remotely manage the content and apps stored on the device. The solution is cloud based, and allows content such as photos and apps to be pushed to the device. Doro says it has developed the system to reduce the isolation felt by older people and improve communication between generations. 

The apps in the Doro Selection features a range of apps recommended for older smartphone users, which are available for download. There is a Facebook app, which is designed to make posting easier. 

The Doro Experience will be available for license by third-party device manufacturers in spring 2012. 

The Doro smart device, called the Doro PhoneEasy 740, is an Android-based slider phone. The handset has a touchscreen along with a large keypad - and features the Doro Experience preloaded. 

Jerome Arnaud, CEO at Doro says: "The Doro Experience is a significant step forward in the direction of our offering. We continue to adapt to the evolving needs of the senior audience, which is overall becoming more tech savvy. After the development of our 3G feature phones, the Doro Experience is another innovation which further expands the accessible mobile market among seniors."