Doro Selects Tweakker To Ease Mobile Connectivity

Doro has become the first device manufacturer to license Tweakkers cloud-basd connectivity database service, enabling Doro device users to get up and running with mobile web and data services quickly and easily. The partnership also enables Doro to automate its customer care service, and run it from the cloud. 

The tie-up is significant, given that Doro specialises in telecommunications for senior citizens, who are not always as tech-savvy as younger users. The company has more than 37 years experience in the telecom sector, and is focused on developing, marketing and selling products, software, TeleCare and mHealth solutions that are specifically adapted for older users. The companys phones are aiailable in more than 30 countries on five continents.

“Clearly, Tweakker is delighted that Doro becomes the first device manufacturer to license its cloud-based connectivity database service,” says Tweakker CEO, Dennis Juul Poulsen. “As the mobile landscape changes and the connectivity complexity of devices proliferates, all network operators, service providers and device manufacturers need a fast-track mechanism to get consumers using ARPU-enhancing internet services without delay. And that’s where Tweakker’s value-add comes into the food chain.”
Poulsen also believes that service providers need to better address churn issues and offer mobile users automated on-device, self-care support. “The industry spends unknown millions of dollars each year in marketing campaigns to capture new subscribers and then turns to the age-old mechanism of call-centres to offer support,” he says. “That’s time wasting, costly, and does not enhance the customer experience. With Tweakker’s service, they can become pro-active and reduce customer churn.
Tweakker’s connectivity database supports devices used in more than 1,000 networks in 200 countries. The company says its cloud-based mobile configuration service is fundamental to the daily operations of millions of mobile users.