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dotmobi Auctions off Premium Domains

David Murphy

dotmobi, the company behind the .mobi internet domain, has announced an online auction for 200 highly desired premium .mobi domain names The names up for grabs include,, and dotMobi is working with online domain name auction specialist Sedo to launch the auction on 5 November 2008.
The names are part of the dotMobi Premium Names list, a set of more than 5,000 commonly used words that the dotMobi domain name registry set aside during its formation. dotMobi was the first domain company to offer selected names directly to the market via an auction process rather than via the traditional first come, first served process.
Any company or individual will be able to bid on the Premium Names offered by Sedo. All participants must also certify their Sedo accounts to participate in the auction. The auction rules will follow Sedos standard auction terms and conditions. dotMobi also has minimal requirements for the buyer, including:
A dotMobi-compliant parking page to launch within 10 days of the initial domain transfer date; full website with content relevant to the domain name within nine months of the initial domain transfer date; the website to be compliant and to have a score of at least 4/5; and notification to dotMobi in the event of a sale, and contractual bind for any new party to the terms of end-user agreement.
To help the winners adhere to these requirements, dotMobi has launched a microsite with a variety of free resources that will ensure the domain name winners can easily deploy relevant mobile content.
Theres more information about the auction here.