DoubleVerify & InMobi partner for in-app protection

DoubleVerify, an independent producer of marketing measurement software, has partnered with InMobi, a global provider of marketing enterprise platforms, to prevent mobile application fraud. The merger aims to combine DoubleVerify’s “always-on fraud filtering and measurement” features with advertising campaigns within the InMobi Exchange universe, resulting in an authentic and safe digital environment.

InMobi filters both pre-bid and post-bid activity, including spoofing, on mobile applications. Concurrently, DoubleVerify is able to identify and restrict multiple types of in-app fraud, including “background ad activity, hidden ads, app misrepresentation and measurement manipulation.” Since its inception in 2008, DoubleVerify has been awarded a Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for the company’s anti-fraud software, specifically protecting against sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) in mobile app video and display advertising.

“DV’s partnership with InMobi demonstrates our commitment to provide consistent, comprehensive quality coverage for global brand advertisers,” said Matt McLaughlin, COO at DoubleVerify. “With ad spend increasingly concentrated in mobile, it’s imperative that brands have transparency into the quality of mobile app inventory. We are proud of our partnership with InMobi, which expands the footprint of our fraud prevention capabilities and further distinguishes DV as the leader for mobile app verification.”

“InMobi is committed to providing transparency, building trust and delivering business results to our advertisers. This partnership, along with our support for DoubleVerify viewability, is a giant step toward that,” said Anne Frisbie, SVP, Global Programmatic and North America at InMobi. “InMobi is proud to partner with DoubleVerify in this critical battle against mobile app fraud. We strongly believe that only through open collaboration will the industry be able to eliminate fraud.”