Dove commits to ‘never using AI to represent real women in its ads’

Dove has pledged to never use AI to represent real women in its ads, as “AI threatens the representation of real beauty”, the company has claimed.

As a result, the health and beauty brand has enlisted singer Jessie J to mark the 20th anniversary of its ‘Campaign For Real Beauty’.

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To celebrate the anniversary, the brand conducted a study which found almost nine out of 10 women and girls say they have been exposed to harmful beauty content online.

This comes as the company said one of the biggest threats to the representation of real beauty is AI, with 90% of the content online predicted to be AI-generated by 2025.

It added the rise of AI is a threat to women’s well-being, with nearly half feel pressure to alter their appearance because of what they see online, even when they know it’s fake or AI-generated.

Commenting on the launch, Jessie J said: “It’s no secret that across the world, including the music industry, women, girls and those who identify as non-binary, face a huge amount of pressure about the way they look. The trends are ever-changing and more intense so it’s a never-ending trap and box to fit in of what “beauty” is. It’s unhealthy, unrealistic, and relentless.

Social media and emerging technology like AI are accelerating that pressure at an alarming rate. It’s terrifying what it could do to the now and the future generations of young people trying to work out life and who they are. That’s why I am honoured and passionate to be working with Dove to keep beauty real and honest to who we are.

“I will continue to use my voice to celebrate the diversity of all women,” she added.

Dove CMO, Alessandro Manfredi, continued: “At Dove, we seek a future in which women get to decide and declare what real beauty looks like – not algorithms. As we navigate the opportunities and challenges that come with new and emerging technology, we remain committed to protecting, celebrating, and championing Real Beauty.

“Pledging to never use AI in our communications is just one step. We will not stop until beauty is a source of happiness, not anxiety, for every woman and girl,