Dove Curls Up with Custom Emoji Keyboard

Dove emojiUnilever hair brand Dove has launched a emoji keyboard app, as part of its Love Your Curls campaign.

The app offers a range of 27 emoji depicting, as the name suggests, women with curly hair – something which Dove believes is under-represented, which is the thrust of the campaign.

Developed with Snaps, the emoji can be used in messages sent via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage and good old-fashioned SMS. Unilever has also partnered with Twitter so that the custom emoji will be displayed whenever the hashtag #LoveYourCurls is used.

“Dove Hair is committed to redefining traditional standards of beauty and ensuring women and girls see accurate reflections of themselves in the world around them, including, and especially, in digital and social media – which is why we’re so excited to introduce the Dove Love Your Curls emoji,” said Rob Candelino, Unilever VP of Haircare. “One in three women in the US have curly or wavy hair, yet there are zero images of these women today in the increasingly common language of emoji. That felt wrong to us, so we are fixing it and hope by doing so, we will continue inspiring all women to love their curls.”