doxo Goes Live with Mobile App

doxo, an online service that aims to implement a paperless approach to our bills and other documents, has launched an iPhone app. 

A free doxo account allows you to store important documents securely on the cloud, and the doxo Mobile app (also free) lets you access this information on your smartphone. Using doxoPAY, you can also pay bills from the app, providing the service provider in question has signed up to the service. 

Payment options are coming to the mobile app later this year. The doxo site launched officially, following a private beta period, this week.

Features of the mobile application include a digital file cabinet, which allows users to upload important documents and file them by account, as well as a safety deposit box that lets you store backups of insurance policies and other key documents. 

There is also a travel portfolio, which allows users to store and access travel documents on the go, and a password vault that lets you store multiple passwords and access them with a single doxo password. 

The bill management and payment system lets you receive and store billing documents, with payment options coming soon. 

“We heard from our users that they were using for documents that they also needed access to on the go – receipts, travel documents, insurance cards, credit card information and other important documents,” says Steve Shivers, co-founder and CEO of doxo. “As a result, we have intensified our focus on mobile, creating an application that can serve as a users mobile wallet, file cabinet and travel portfolio all in one place. For providers on the doxo Network, doxo Mobile gives them even greater freedom to connect with their customers and help them manage accounts paper-free wherever they may be.”

Puget Sound Energy has already been trialling the system. “We are excited that PSE and our customers now have even more access points to connect and go paperfree,” says Rudiger Wolf, vice president and CIO at Puget Sound Energy. “With, our customers no longer need to wait by the mailbox for their bills and, with doxo Mobile, they dont need to sit by their desktop either. Now we will be able to easily connect with customers and send and receive bills, wherever those customers may be.”

The app is initially available on iOS, with an Android version and versions for other platforms also in development.