Dr. Barbara Sturm launches metaverse store

Dr. Barbara Sturm, aesthetics skin doctor and founder and CEO of Molecular Cosmetics, today has launched a 3D virtual store for her skincare collection.

Created by Emperia, the store is designed to offer a high-touch, luxury service in a unique digital space where customers and clients can interact with products directly. The metaverse store serves as an extension of the brick and mortar Dr. Barbara Sturm Spa & Boutique so that anyone, regardless of location, can benefit from the Dr. Sturm experience.

Placed in a spa-like environment, the virtual store is broken down into four rooms: main hall; super anti-aging lab; a next-gen, microbiotic room; and an anti-inflammatory room. Customers will be able to buy their favourite Dr. Sturm products directly from the metaverse store while experiencing and learning about new innovations and discovering exclusive content. The virtual Spa & Boutique is designed to suit each customer’s unique needs and is enrichewith skincare education to help them find tailored solutions and advice.

“My goal is for everybody to have the complete Sturm experience, no matter where they are,” said Dr. Barbara Sturm. “While our bricks and mortar Spa & Boutiques will always serve as permanent places of skincare discovery, treatments and education, this beautiful virtual space with Emperia offers a new and exciting way in which clients can interact with us.”