Drawbridge and Kenshoo Team Up for Mobile-to-desktop Attribution

Kenshoo DrawbridgeDrawbridge and Kenshoo have partnered in an effort to make it easier to tie together desktop clicks and conversions to mobile activity, without having to rely on log-in data.

The partnership will combine Drawbridges Connected Consumer Graph, which includes 1.2bn consumers probabilistically identified across 3.6bn devices, with Kenshoos Infinity Suite, which launched in March.

Kenshoo claims it has access to almost 90 per cent of mobile ad inventory, and combined, the two platforms promise to better optimise cross-device investments across search, social, mobile, and display ads.

“With device fragmentation increasing among consumers, marketers have difficulty measuring how advertising impacts the behaviour of their customers across devices,” said Rahul Bafna, VP of Product Management and Partnerships at Drawbridge. “Since those journeys often start with a mobile search query and end on tablets and desktops, it’s critical for marketers to use a solution that can understand the consumer across devices.”