Drawbridge extends cross-device partnership with The Trade Desk to address TV

Drawbridge The Trade DeskPeople-based identity management company Drawbridge has extended its partnership with The Trade Desk, an online demand-side platform (DSP), to tackle TV addressability and measurement.

Through the partnership, brands and agency clients using The Trade Desk’s platform can use Drawbridge’s Connected Consumer Graph to extend their first-party mobile and desktop audience segments onto connected TV, and vice versa.

The Connected Consumer Graph, which is built by applying AI and machine learning, is populated with connected consumers and touchpoints for brands to leverage a more personalised experience.

“Consumers spend twice as much media time on TV compared to computers and a third more than mobile, and streaming services are now in half of all US households,” said Haylee Adkins, global head of client strategy at Drawbridge. “TV is clearly still a major device, which is why we want to bring this data into our identity graph for brands and agencies to leverage for their marketing initiatives. This is the first step in bridging TV with digital – ultimately we want to provide advertisers access to addressable and linear TV at scale, and we’ve already started with programmatic TV capabilities.”

Last month, Drawbridge linked up with Cuebiq to extend cross-device reach and offline attribution. In addition, it recently launched a self-service cross-device dashboard.