Drawbridge Launches Ad Viewability and Brand Safety Initiative

celtra cross screenBrands advertising on Drawbridge’s Cross-Device Platform can now confirm viewability and brand safety metrics via real-time reports available from comScore, Integral Ad Science and several other MRC-certified (Media Rating Council) partners. These third-party assurances serve to validate that ads were served to humans, that they were in-view, and that they were shown on brand-safe inventory.

The Media Rating Council considers an ad to be viewable if 50 per cent of its pixels are in view for a minimum of one second, or two continuous seconds for videos. For larger desktop ad units, 30 per cent of pixels in view for one second constitutes a viewable ad. Drawbridge said it aims to raise the bar for both ad viewability and transparency across devices with these new partnerships.

Improving cross-device viewability is more challenging than mobile or display viewability alone, as it requires an advanced programmatic solution to that can optimize towards higher viewability rates on impressions across traditional display, mobile web, and app inventory. Ultimately, diligent optimization and measurement will bring today’s less viewable inventory up to the higher standards the industry strives for, the company believes.

“Marketers today want more than just campaign delivery validation, and as a cross-device leader, we want to be as transparent as we can,” said Azad Jacobs, head of advertising operations at Drawbridge. “Therefore we’re enabling our customers to have deeper insights and optimization capabilities based on ad viewability and brand safety metrics. This is a critical subject for marketers, and we are committed to improving the viewability of all digital ads, including video, across devices.”