Drawbridge Partners Up for Offline Sales Attribution

DrawbridgeLogo_Gray_RGBDrawbridge has partnered with third-party data providers and data on-boarding platforms including Datalogix and LiveRamp to widen the cross-channel attribution capabilities of its platform.

Drawbridge provides a closed-loop marketing attribution solution which combines CRM, purchase, and store visit data to build a picture of consumers’ purchase paths. Partnering with Datalogix, which specialises in measuring the offline sales impact of digital media, enables Drawbridge to connect in-store sales back to the online ads that inspired them.

“With more than half of consumers preferring to shop online, but 90 per cent of retail sales still happening in physical stores, the opportunity and need for marketers to understand how digital advertising affects offline events has never been greater,” said Rahul Bafna, Drawbridge’s VP of product management. “These new attribution solutions enable our retail marketing partners to understand the incremental physical sales and store traffic being influenced by their digital marketing efforts.”