Dropbox now lets users leave comments at specific times in video and audio files

DropboxFile hosting service Dropbox is making it easier for creative teams to collaborate on and review work with the addition of ‘time-based commenting’ for video and audio files. The feature enables editors to drop in a comment on a video or audio file at a specific time stamp, making it easier to highlight what is being suggested.

In essence, the feature means that editors are able to point out to their teams exactly where an edit has to be made to a video or soundtrack, removing a back-and-forth over email or a messaging platform. And users can directly @ mention specific people to alert them to the comments made.

In addition, users are able to adjust speed and scrub through 1080p video previews with thumbnails and audio previews with waveforms. Meanwhile, more than 30 video and audio file types are supported – including QuickTime, MPEG-4, MXF, MP3, and WAV – and file size isn’t a limitation.

Time-based commenting is available to anybody with a Dropbox account, but only on files shared by paid users. The feature has arrived on Dropbox.com and its iOS app, with Android support ‘coming soon’.