DropZap Tops Chorus Paid App Chart

Social networking software developer envIO networks has released user data based on activity from its Chorus iPhone Application. The report focuses on the most popular free and paid socially recommended apps within the Chorus community.
Since its launch in November of last year, Chorus users have invited on average 75 friends. Chorus users are active and engaged, with over a third of the daily users generating activity, such as rating, reviewing and commenting on friends activities. envoi says that the Chorus community, which is based on shared interests and the discovery of applications, is booming, as people try to manage the vast amount of iPhone apps to hit the market.
Chorus is currently available on the iPhone and iPod touch, and envIO is also developing versions for other leading Smartphone platforms. 
Based on the latest data, the most popular free and paid apps for December were IMDb and DropZap, which took over from FunMail and Touch DJ respectively. Not one of the top recommended apps from November made it on to Decembers top ten list.
The 10 most heavily recommeded apps in December were:  

  1. IMDb
  2. Accuweather
  3. Dragon Dictation
  4. AT&T Mark the Spot
  5. redbox
  6. Bing
  7. fring
  8. Ustream Live Broadcaster
  9. Background Check App
  10. Order Pizza

The top five free apps were IMDb, AccuWeather, AT&T Mark the Spot, Background Check App and Dragon Dictation. The top five paid apps, based on buy attempts, were DropZap, Santas Run (both $0.99), 1Password Pro ($7.99), Garters & Ghouls ($2.99) and AppButler App Organiser ($0.99)
Chorus has become an extremely popular and valuable tool among app users, helping them connect with the people they trust most to discover apps that are most relevant from the thousands of choices available, says envIO VP of Marketing and Business Development, Vladimir Edelman. Social recommendation of relevant apps is a paradigm shift in the discovery process, helping users save time and money. For app publishers, Chorus and its Social Genome engine represent an innovative way to track and reach their most avid fans and their friends.