DT Dials Up RealNetworks for Ringback Tones

RealNetworks is working with Deutsche Telekom to offer a managed, customisable ringback tone service for its 44m subscribers on T-Mobile in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.

Starting in early 2013, callers to phone numbers using the service will be able to hear a track selected by the user instead of the standard ‘ring ring’. T-Mobile users will be able to buy different audio clips and play different songs for different people, or groups, at different times of the day or for special events. A jukebox feature randomly plays a different song each time someone calls. The service will be available to both contract and pay-as-you-go customers and works across all handsets.

“We are always looking for new ways to help our subscribers get the most from their mobile experience, and partnering with RealNetworks offers the ideal vehicle to do this,” said Michael Pasch, VP of global music and video at Deutsche Telekom.  “We have seen strong demand already and are looking forward to seeing take up rates continue to increase.”

RealNetworks, the digital entertainment company behind RealPlayer, already offers video, music and games services to 18 telcos in Europe.