Dual Screening to Blame for Ignored Marketing Messages?

Dual screening is now done by 44 per cent of consumers at least once per week, according to Yougov research on behalf of Responsys.

The survey, featured in the 30 Seconds or Less whitepaper, found that 25 to 34-year-olds are most likely to do it, with 26 per cent dual screening every day. Meanwhile, 64 per cent of over 55s say that they have never done it.

Responsys blames this dual screen culture for people’s lack of attention when it comes to marketing messages. 38 per cent of 2,000 people surveyed said they ignore marketing sent via SMS, 33 per cent ignore social media ads and 16 per cent do not read marketing emails.

But the sheer volume of messages received, plus peoples busy lifestyle, might also be to blame. While 49 per cent of people receive between two and 10 brand emails per day, 19 per cent receive 11 or more. Just eight per cent, therefore, say they actually read all of them, with 43 per cent of people admitting they get through fewer than half.

People spend more time reading emails than they do looking at marketing texts or reading social posts, the research found, but the majority of people spend fewer than 30 seconds interacting with any form of marketing message they receive.