Dynamic creative optimisation can boost click-through rates by over 70 per cent

The use of dynamic creative optimisation facilitated by programmatic buying can boost click-through rates by an average of 71 per cent, with steps as simple as product and creative optimisation lifting rates by 10 per cent. Those figures come from a new whitepaper from Adobe, detailing the power of programmatic creative.

The whitepaper, titled Brilliant Advertising, explores the fractal nature of programmatic advertising, where making the most of the individual targeting that programmatic offers requires a huge explosion in the amount of creative produced by advertisers. The whitepaper details the ways marketers already have to cope with this change, as well as examining cutting-edge developments that are being worked on.

“Historically, [advertising] was creating one piece of brilliant creative to be fed to millions of people,” said Douglas Kofoid, president of global solutions at VivaKi. “But now its about turning that upside down. We need millions of pieces of brilliant creative to be fed to each individual on an as-needed basis depending on who the person is, where they are, and what their needs are.”

With programmatic accounting for more than 67 per cent of all digital display ad spending in the US, the need for personalised, real-time advertising at scale is becoming more important. The whitepaper details how every element of the marketing chain, from creative to data analysts, can contribute to the process, and deliver higher rates of engagement and conversion while still saving time and money.

The whitepaper also includes case studies from brands including RBC Canada and LOreal about how they have implemented programmatic creative, and the encouraging results they have seen. Brilliant Advertising can be downloaded for free here.