EA Mobile Inks Namco Bandai Deal

Electronic Arts and Namco Bandai Networks Europe have signed a distribution agreement that gives EA Mobile, a division of Electronic Arts, the rights to publish existing and upcoming Namco Bandai titles across Europe, Russia, India, Latin America, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. The deal will not impact Namco Bandais North American distribution or its iPhone activities, both of which will continue to be handled by Namco Networks America Inc.
Effective 1 November 2009, the agreement will see Namco Bandais mobile content made available to consumers through EA Mobiles extensive mobile distribution channels. The management of Namco Bandais content in existing channels will also switch to EA Mobile.  Namco Bandai will continue to own distribution in direct channels, such as Smartphone application stores and its own online store. The agreement will mean that new games, including Ridge Racer Drift and Time Crisis Elite, as well as existing titles, are available to a much wider base of consumers.
EA has consistently demonstrated that it is the leading distributor of mobile games globally, says Namco Bandai Networks Europe President, Barry ONeill. We feel that this new distribution relationship will benefit a much broader base of customers, while allowing us to focus on the development of great new games for all mobile platforms.