Eagle Eye and Mobiqa in Barcode Tie-up

Eagle Eye Solutions, which specialises in EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) voucher and coupon redemption, has partnered with mobile barcode company Mobiqa to add mobile barcodes to Eagle Eyes secure, end-to-end mobile gift voucher and coupon service.
Eagle Eye works with the likes of ITV and Commidea to provide major retailers with mobile gift cards and innovative retail marketing solutions. The company holds the patent that allows redemption of vouchers through a Chip and Pin device.
In a move to streamline the process of mobile phone voucher and coupon delivery and redemption, Eagle Eye Solutions has forged a deal with Mobiqa, which holds a patent relating to the process of tailoring each standard barcode to the make and model of the consumers mobile phone. Once the consumer has received their barcoded mobile voucher, they are able to quickly and securely redeem it by having the barcode on the screen of their mobile phone scanned by the cashier at check-out. 
The companies say the marketing services available to retailers through the partnership will include an extensive range of mobile-based offerings, from SMS text codes to barcodes to contactless technology. They add that retailers will be able to execute campaigns immediately and save money by minimising production and handling costs associated with traditional paper-based coupon campaigns.
The addition of Mobiqas patented technology to our solution gives retailers the full range of redemption technologies, removing any last technology barriers for a retailer to offer mobile gift vouchers or mobile coupons, says Eagle Eye Solutions Director, Steve Rothwell.