Eagle Eye Partners with Nicotinell for Asda Digital Coupon Campaign

nicotinell eagle eyeDigital promotions company Eagle Eye has partnered with Starcom Mediavest Group to produce a cutting-edge digital campaign for health brand Nicotinell, aimed at enabling them to track online activity through to in-store sales in real-time through digital coupons.

The national campaign will enable customers to redeem digital vouchers accessed via smartphone at Asda, the first time the retail giant has made use of a dedicated digital coupon solution.

The campaign will use demographic, location and interest-based targeting to service dynamic digital ads to consumers which, when clicked on, provide them with a digital coupon for money off, as well as an interactive map guiding them to their closest branch where the voucher can be redeemed.

Eagle Eyes AIR platform has been integrated into Asdas point-of-sale technology, enabling real-time verification and redemption of coupons against basket data, and by integrating Eagle Eye into Mediavests tech stack, Nicotinell will be able to optimise the campaign in real-time based on live data.

“This is a ground-breaking initiative that will provide real-time analysis of the campaigns success,” said Duff Borer, business director at Mediavest. “Traditionally, demonstrating the immediate effective of digital advertising on sales has been a challenge, however this collaboration with Eagle Eye will allow us to measure the campaign in real-time, providing for the first time, the capability to track online activity to in-store behaviour.”

“Recognising the need for relevant, timely incentives is the cornerstone of providing the customer with an offer they will be interested in redeeming,” said Phil Blundell, chief executive at Eagle Eye. “As our codes are verified against the basket data in real-time we can also eliminate any fraud or mal-redemption, ensuring the correct product and brand is being purchased.

“This new partnership with Mediavest is really exciting for us and were looking forward to working together to deliver this capability to multiple brands in the future.”